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Music - Stream, Download, Share | SRL Music

10-12-2019 15:21 GMT

SRL Music
SRL Networks London
London, UK

Formerly known as The Indie Music Board, SRL Music is the music streaming and download arm of the SRL Networks independent music discovery service. The only thing you can do in this section of the platform is stream and download music, nothing else - no malarkey. 

Today, we launched the new and improved SRL Music website which is packed with new features that allow fans to browse music by genre, location, artist name or category; search using virtually any keyword; share songs, mixtapes and albums on over 200 social media platforms; browse the top releases; stream and download audio in mp3, aac, flac, wav, m4a, wma, ogg and other digital audio file types on popular streaming and download platforms; and listen to music playlists. The SRL Music homepage can be accessed directly by visiting or simply clicking the "music" button in the navigation bars and menus of any page of any SRL website. The old SRL Music site (The Indie Music Board) will still remain accessible while we transfer all existing content to the new site but new content will only be available on the new site from today. In the meantime, you can simply click on the "More Music" button (which is located below this update) once you've listened to all the music on this site to continue listening to older recommendations on the old site.

This site is still in Beta testing mode but is fully functional.

We hope you enjoy it and as usual we welcome your feedback. Please email us at or contact us on social media to tell us what you think or suggest more features. Thanks, and have a wonderful Christmas and New Year.